Diversity in New Jersey is Attracting Buyers
New Jersey Attracting Buyers

Diversity in New Jersey is Attracting Buyers

Diversity in New Jersey is Attracting Buyers 1096 731 Crawford Lorenzo Home Selling Team

Moving to New Jersey for Greater Diversity

New Jersey has always been a diverse melting pot of people. Looking as far back as Ellis Island, NJ has a legacy of accepting people outside the majority. Today, recent census studies reveal that our state has never been more diverse. Having diversity in New Jersey is good for various reasons, and we encourage you to explore the many cultures that make our state great.

The Success of Essex and Middlesex Counties 

Essex and Middlesex County were recently praised for reaching incredible heights regarding their populations’ diverse makeup. According to the US Census Bureau, when studying the race and ethnically varied populations in the nation, the two counties ranked 20th and 21st, respectively. Both Essex and Middlesex are shining examples of what an American city should strive to be—a place that strives for equity. NJ Spotlight News also discovered that Middlesex is also home to three of the ten most diverse municipalities in the state.  

New Jersey’s racial and ethnic diversity ranked sixth in the country. Look at this diversity index for counties, as calculated by the US Census Bureau:

Diversity in New Jersey Chart

New Jersey has a thriving immigrant community that helps keep the state growing—both in population size and cultural diversity. According to recent Census results, at least 290 towns have seen an improvement in diversity over the last decade. The number is expected to increase by the year 2030.  

Benefits of Living in a Diverse Community

Diverse communities promote tolerance and understanding between cultures. Enriching the community with different perspectives and points of view can help a city evolve to a more equitable standard. 

A diverse community allows for so many positive benefits. A more robust understanding of other cultures, more unique businesses around town, and new experiences can be had when you embrace the diversity of New Jersey culture. This is evident from the number of family-owned shops and restaurants that share fantastic cuisine with the community. Some businesses offer unique and delicious dishes, so be sure to visit something outside your typical routine. Supporting family-owned businesses that represent the food of other countries is an excellent way to support diversity.

Move to NJ with Help from Crawford Lorenzo

Crawford Lorenzo understands the importance of finding the perfect house to move into. We’ll work with you to find the best home for your family in New Jersey. We can advise you through the state’s many counties and towns, letting you know which locations will meet your needs. Consider moving somewhere with a strong sense of diversity and contact us today.