Explore these Northern New Jersey Historical Spots
Explore New Jersey Historical Spots

Explore these Northern New Jersey Historical Spots

Explore these Northern New Jersey Historical Spots 1096 731 Crawford Lorenzo Home Selling Team

Explore these Northern New Jersey Historical Spots

Northern New Jersey has plenty of educational activities and impressive landmarks worth visiting. Many of these iconic spots are filled with historical significance, and several were instrumental locations in American history. New Jersey has housed groundbreaking battles during times of war, and the state’s commitment to preserving the memory of these scars is evident. 

An exciting part about living in northern New Jersey is learning about the history that precedes you. Some houses and towns are centuries old, contributing to history and memorable events throughout time. We can find you a community rich with history and have plenty more suggestions for trips around the state! Consider visiting the following places on our list.

Historical Spots in Northern New Jersey to Visit

You can choose to visit a spot for just a quick detour or make it a full day of learning:

 The Ralston Cider Mill – Mendham, NJ

Who isn’t a fan of fresh apple cider! The Ralston Cider Mill is really unique because it is the only “working” cider mill that functions as a privately funded museum and educational experience for students of all ages! Ralston’s agricultural background helped New Jersey earn the nickname The Garden State. Total fun for the whole family, enjoy learning about and drinking this NJ fall delicacy. Apple cider is proven to be good for your heart, boosts muscle growth, and even promotes brain health in seniors. Consider bringing a few cartons home after your visit.

Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty – Jersey City, NJ

Contrary to popular belief, the Statue of Liberty resides in New Jersey, specifically in the waters of Jersey City. You can visit the once-active immigration center on Ellis Island, which has been converted into an informative museum. Learn about the millions of European men, women, and children who moved here from an ocean away. Take a boat ride to Lady Liberty and experience the beautiful views of both the New Jersey and New York coasts.

Whippany Railway Museum – Morristown, NJ

The Whippany Railway Museum is a train lover’s oasis. A quick hour or two drive from New York City, the Whippany had been creating memories for over 100 years before closing its doors in 1996 due to financial troubles. In 1998, though, Whippany reopened with an all-new collection of trains and exhibits that tell the stories of New Jersey’s railroads through a variety of mediums-including videos and interactive displays. Today, Whippany features more than 20 pieces of rolling stock and gives railroad fans a chance to celebrate how this mode of transportation helped shape America, especially New Jersey, into what it is today.

The Delaware Water Gap – Hardwick Township, NJ

Looking for a scenic walk in nature? Enjoy one of the many large recreational areas along the Delaware River. Learn about 19th-century crafts at the Millbrook Village Historic Site or enjoy beautiful views of the Appalachian Trail from the Kittatinny Point Visitor Center. Hardwick Township has plenty of space for exploring with the whole family.

Morristown Game Vault – Morristown, NJ

We know of a hidden gem in Morristown, New Jersey that may be worth checking out. The Morristown Game Vault is aptly named because it’s a giant arcade converted from an old bank. The interior has marble walls and a massive vault, but the most impressive aspect is their game catalog. There are arcade games ranging from the classics (Q-Bert, Pac-Man, pinball, and more!) to newer console games (Halo, Super Smash Bros). Spend time beating high scores and bonding at the Morristown Game Vault. While not exactly a historically significant spot, this former bank houses some timeless video games. It’s also a great spot to throw a birthday party!

George Washington’s Headquarters – Morristown, NJ

This important refuge for then-General George Washington was once a piece of Revolutionary War history. Now, this Georgian-style mansion can be toured. Adorned with original 18th-century decorations and artifacts, visiting is like stepping into a time machine. Stop by and enjoy walking in the footsteps of Washington. 

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