The Best and Worst Times to Sell a House
The Best and Worst Times to Sell a House

The Best and Worst Times to Sell a House

The Best and Worst Times to Sell a House 1096 731 Crawford Lorenzo Home Selling Team

Factors That Determine the Best and Worst Times to Sell a House

Real estate is a fickle business. With an ever-changing market and an uncountable number of surprises along the way, taking on the task of selling your home can lead to some headaches.

Fortunately, Crawford Lorenzo is full of knowledgeable experts who can help you navigate this pivotal sale in your life.

Our combined experience allows us to be your trusted resource during this process. Our agency has followed the industry for decades and we have a confident understanding of its many trials and tribulations. We’ve surmised that a large part of this journey can be mitigated if you sell when certain conditions are right. We consider several distinct factors that determine the best and worst times to sell a home. Continue reading for more on these important elements of deciding when to sell your house.

When Should I Sell My House?

During a Pandemic

The start of the COVID-19 pandemic marked a huge impact on the real estate market. Did you know roughly two-thirds of people who bought their homes in 2020 made their purchase without even seeing the home in person? Talk about an easy sale! This could be attributed to people wanting to escape city life for green space and fresh air. Similarly, some people came to new conclusions about their lives- wanting to retire early or settle down somewhere. Putting your house on the market can fulfill the pandemic-induced desire for a fresh start, making it more likely to be sold.

During the Wintertime

When staging houses, presentation is everything. It’s important to make your house look as marketable yet cozy as possible for potential buyers. The wintertime, and Christmas aesthetic, can beautify any house and really make it shine. From bowls of pinecones to stockings lining the fireplace, we know how to make your home look prime for buying from November to the New year. Staging helps people envision their own lives taking place in the house, and who wouldn’t want to view what the holidays in a new home could look like!

On a Thursday

List your house on a Thursday to increase the chances of selling it quickly and for more money. Homes typically go pending in seven days, but if you list on Friday or early Saturday morning, there’s less chance that it will stay available longer before finding its new owner! We suggest Thursdays as being your saving grace; the best day of the week to list your home for sale.

After March, But Not After Labor Day

Did you know? More than half of US homes have been selling in less than a week’s time. 2022 is a seller’s market, and now is the time to approach the idea of selling. This study explains that they researched seasonal buying and selling patterns in the industry and found that people are most likely to buy after March but not after Labor Day.

When Not to List Your Home

Sundays are notoriously the worst day to list your home. There’s many theories behind this, ranging from football to religious restrictions. It’s best to avoid putting a home up for sale on a Sunday. More likely than not, you’ll get below the asking price and regret your experience.

Another bad time to list your home depends on where you live and the weather. If you live in Arizona, listing in the middle of Summer would probably do more harm than good. People generally are crankier in the heat and will likely reject your initial offer. Consider selling during a popular festival or event in your city, so people who come from out of town have the chance to stop in. These outside guests, the people returning to their hometown for the holidays and to their family members, may have sentimental reasons to buy. This is to your advantage.

Let Crawford Lorenzo Help You Sell

Selling a house can be emotionally taxing and energy draining. Crawford Lorenzo has a unique network of professionals we can provide to help your selling journey become a breeze. Our top-notch service will meet all your new housing needs and help you sell for a generous profit. Contact us at (973) 615-1567 or message us online at our new website!