Spring Cleaning for Home Sellers [3 Tips]
Spring Cleaning for Home Sellers [3 Tips]

Spring Cleaning for Home Sellers [3 Tips]

Spring Cleaning for Home Sellers [3 Tips] 1096 731 Crawford Lorenzo Home Selling Team

How Spring Cleaning for Your Home Can Help Prepare It for Selling

Spring is here and it’s time to clean out your home! Spring Cleaning is always a refreshing and cathartic experience. You get to go through old items, make peace with removing them from your household, and can prepare for the future of selling your home. While we don’t expect you to keep the house entirely spotless, having a spring-cleaning deep dive is an important way to declutter for an impending sale. Spring cleaning also coincides with the top-selling season, so having your final clean-out can be a smart incentive to start spring cleaning.

Time to Clear Out Clutter this Spring

Get rid of clutter. You want potential buyers to picture themselves living in the space, so keep things neat and organized. Make sure that everything has a place and that there isn’t too much furniture cluttering up the rooms. Also, consider removing personal photos from walls, as they might distract potential buyers from imagining their own family pictures hanging there instead. If you have pets, try not to leave any evidence behind (like pet hair). And don’t forget about those pesky cobwebs in high corners or ceiling fans – dust them off with a broom before showing your home! Finally, give each room an extra thorough cleaning just before showings begin so that every inch sparkles when potential buyers come through the door.

Be prepared for people to come into your space and evaluate if the house would suit their needs. You can make this decision easier for them by removing a lot of your compiling possessions. Figuring that you’ll move soon anyway, take the opportunity of spring cleaning to get rid of unnecessary waste. A clutter-free space will make your house more marketable, as a lived-in home doesn’t impress new families or potential buyers. Start storing things in boxes and donate whatever isn’t worth keeping.

3 Tips for Effective Spring Cleaning

1: Make a List

Spring cleaning is best when it’s a group effort. Assign every family member a room to clean. They can then put the items in three piles- keep, garbage, and donate. As unopened board games and cozy sweaters make their way to the donation box, you can feel good knowing that your items are going to be repurposed for the greater good. Divide and conquer with a list, and then meet for communal rooms.

2: Hire Someone to Help

While we recommend this not be your first choice, we understand that knee-deep cleaning isn’t for everyone. Especially if you see a rat or potential mold, you should halt your spring cleaning and call a professional. Spring cleaning allows you to dig deep into your home’s current ailments, sometimes bringing them to light before our very eyes. Our many years of expertise has given us a great selection of resources in the area who can fix virtually any problem you may encounter in your spring cleaning. Reach out to us if you’re in need of any professional.

3: Get All the Cleaning Products and More

Come equipped with the proper products and materials to tackle this project head-on. Make sure you get the following to help aid in your spring cleaning:

  • Large garbage bags
  • Multi-Surface Cleaner
  • A face mask (for dust)
  • Industrial gloves for safety
  • Professional protective eyewear
  • Scent spray to mitigate odors
  • Floor cleaner, solution, and a mop
  • An endless amount of paper towels
  • A place to donate – whether it’s a charity, school, or both!

Choose Crawford Lorenzo to Sell Your House

Here at Crawford Lorenzo, we prioritize selling homes that are ready to be put on the market. Help make your house more marketable and sell it for a higher price if you’re able to do a deep spring cleaning. Whether you throw a garage sale or just toss it all into garbage bags, the most important thing is that your house looks clean, chic, and ready for its next owner(s). Contact us to get your house sold and spotless after a dynamic spring cleaning.