So Many Reasons to be Grateful to Live in the Garden State
Live In The Garden State

So Many Reasons to be Grateful to Live in the Garden State

So Many Reasons to be Grateful to Live in the Garden State 1096 731 Crawford Lorenzo Home Selling Team

Why We’re Grateful to Live in the Garden State

We are incredibly thankful New Jersey is the state that it is. New Jersey is home to hundreds of years of rich history, vibrant culture, and incredible stories. We have great diversity, wide-open green spaces, and one of the best public education systems in the country—so let’s dive right in to why we love it here so much.

New Jerseyans Are Resilient

Our state has withstood many challenges and remained strong through it all. More recently, when Superstorm Sandy devastated the shore in 2012, New Jerseyans rose to the challenge and rebuilt. #JerseyStrong became a popular phrase, representing the toughness of New Jerseyans as we worked to restore the shore. The resilience of the people of New Jersey truly shined in the aftermath of Sandy, and that Jersey spirit has really remained consistent in the years since. 

People in New Jersey understand adversity and can adapt to anything. That shared resilience shines in our communities and makes us all stronger together.

The Garden State’s Delicious Foods 

The diners in New Jersey are incredible. The state is practically overflowing with diners, so much so that NJ has been dubbed the Diner Capital of the World. Not only do diners offer delicious meals, they’ve become a communal place for many families and friends to bond. Before sports games, after-school plays, or even just for renowned soups, New Jerseyans can always find the right time to go grab diner food (aka any time you want). 

Another superstar of our state is the humble bagel. Like New York, New Jersey has some of the best bagels and pizza in the country. How New Jersey differs is that we’ve taken bagels to a whole new level. Not only are there bagel shops on a lot of corners around the Garden State, but we have a unique sandwich that is beloved statewide. The Taylor Ham Sandwich (which some New Jerseyans controversially call the Pork Roll Sandwich) is a mouthwatering breakfast essential here. No New York bodega can compete with our egg, cheese, and pork roll filled bagels.

Appreciating NJ’s Top-Tier Schools

New Jersey’s public education system has consistently ranked within the top 10 nation-wide. With caring teachers and dedicated administrations, our state hosts some of the best educators in the country. Receiving a good education can help during a child’s adolescence, raising students to one-day become well-rounded members of the community.

Get Grateful in the Garden State with Crawford Lorenzo

Exploring the natural wonders around NJ, it’s strong-hearted people, delicious foods, top-notch school system, and fun community traditions are all reasons why living here is such a dream come true. Looking to make the move to New Jersey? Contact Crawford and Lorenzo at (973) 615-1567.