Exploring New Jersey Green Spaces
Explore Greenery In New Jersey

Exploring New Jersey Green Spaces

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Leave the City for New Jersey Green Spaces

Did you know? Two out of every ten acres in New Jersey are considered parkland. 

So long are the days of living in tight, cramped spaces. New Jersey has a fantastic array of fresh open spaces that are family-friendly, aesthetically beautiful, and offer room for outside activities. Spending quality time in parks, backyards, or natural forests is a staple for those living in New Jersey. Here are some key reasons to leave the city for New Jersey’s green spaces.

1. Have Fun Biking Local Trails

Riding a bike in a big city may prove difficult or dangerous. The green spaces of New Jersey offer a variety of picturesque nature trails for people to enjoy and biking is an incredible way to take advantage of our state’s renowned trails. When you go for a bike ride in New Jersey, you won’t be met with traffic, car fumes, and chaos. Instead, zip through the fresh air and enjoy the multitude of car-free bike paths NJ offers. These trails often weave through the woods for an immersive ride through the trees. Perfect for the whole family, be sure to grab a helmet before setting out.

2. Experience Hiking and Great Views

Hiking in New Jersey ranges from gentle walks in the woods to mile-long workouts. Because of our variety of trails, many offer difficulty rankings that can be found in advance online. Park rangers recommend the following: to research the trail beforehand, to stay hydrated, and always remain on the marked path. 

Mountaintop views give a fantastic look out into New Jersey’s dense sea of trees. Finding a lookout point, made possible by many of our national parks around the state, is as simple as just looking up the right climb, hike, or trail. You don’t need to be a professional hiker to take advantage of New Jersey’s many trails. Over mountains, through trees, and across rivers, New Jersey’s scenic wildlife paths are truly unlike any other. No matter how far you’re planning on hiking, there is plenty of nature to explore.

3. Try Something Physical – Like Rock Climbing!

If you’re someone who enjoys a physical challenge, you can find several more serious treks around the state. Some of these trails can prove difficult with challenging inclines but always culminate in a beautiful view overlooking the land. Before setting off, be sure to consult one of New Jersey’s many sporting goods stores for advice on equipment. There are also opportunities to go on guided hiking tours around that state, some of which include rock-climbing excursions. 

4. Making the Most of Your Yard

There are so many ways you can transform an open backyard into the perfect spot for all of your outside needs. Adding picnic tables, a fire pit, and a barbecue grill is a great way to make your new outdoor space come to life. Whether the NJ green space is public or private, its lush greenery will have you in awe year after year. You can also add fun games in your yard such as bocci ball or corn hole.

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