Winter in New Jersey is a Snow Lover’s Dream
Winter In New Jersey

Winter in New Jersey is a Snow Lover’s Dream

Winter in New Jersey is a Snow Lover’s Dream 1096 731 Crawford Lorenzo Home Selling Team

Making the Most of Winter in New Jersey

Whether you’re diving into the deep snow or just watching it gently fall from afar, the winter season is a special time of year. With so many activities both outside and inside, it’s easy to appreciate everything that a snowy day can offer. Ignore the stressors of shoveling and home maintenance, and instead, focus on the fun you and your family can have for many winters to come.

Living in New Jersey during winter is a beautiful and whimsical experience. Consider making the move and enjoying NJ in the cold weather.

Experience Winter Fun with Family

Outdoor winter sports aren’t just for professional athletes. New Jersey has some of the most prolific ski resorts on the East Coast. Our mountains and exciting trails draw in city folk and tourists season after season. New Jersey residents benefit from consistent access to some of the top spots to sled, ski, and snowboard. You can find an expensive lodge to stay at or simply live down the street from a majestic mountain. Moving to New Jersey can be a snow lover’s dream, especially if you decide to live somewhere up North. 

The community gets extremely involved when it comes to decorating and holiday beauty. Regardless of faith, people love to light their storefronts and homes with lively light shows. These are a delight to drive past and always give an extra sense of whimsy during the winter months. Some front yards even transform into elaborate winter wonderlands. You can also find a fun outing in visiting one of the state’s many light-up attractions, where you pay to drive through a fully lit and festive pathway. These can be miles long and fun for the whole family, offering an immersive experience into the magic of holiday lights.

Celebrate the Holidays in New Jersey

Winter in New Jersey means that it may snow on Christmas, a magical moment that’s hard to come across when looking for a new place to settle. Holiday magic is also apparent in the malls around New Jersey, many of which are long-time staples of the community. You can expect to experience wonderful winter sales and even get a picture taken with Santa or snag the perfect Christmas card at in comically ugly holiday sweaters. Not to mention the incredible slew of gifts these malls offer for your loved ones. The shopping malls of New Jersey are experts in helping raise holiday joy, so consider visiting one around Christmastime for a festive shopping experience. 

Winter in New Jersey also means that you can choose your own Christmas tree. With so many available options from farms around the state, you can find the perfect pine tree for your home. There are dozens of farms around the state that specialize in selling Christmas trees. Visit a few and find your family a fresh and strong pine to be the center of your living room. Everything is just a drive away in New Jersey, and that includes finding the perfect Christmas tree.

Let Crawford and Lorenzo Find You the Perfect Winter Home

Winter doesn’t mean you have to bundle up and hide inside. Although if that’s your speed, Crawford and Lorenzo can find your dream home with the perfect fireplace and den. Perhaps your future home will have a nice skylight or two to follow the storm as the inches of snow slowly rise on your crisp lawn. Reach out to our dedicated team and we’ll find you the perfect place to move to for making the most of winter. Give us a call at 973-615-1567.