Looking to List Your Home in the New Year?
Selling House On New Year

Looking to List Your Home in the New Year?

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Planning on Selling Your House in the New Year?

Realtor.com reports that it expects the median sale price for existing homes to finish 2021 with 12% appreciation throughout the year and 2022 to see median prices rise another 2.9%. While prices aren’t expected to climb as tall as they did in 2021, buyer demand remains strong and isn’t going anywhere.

As we head into 2022, the housing market experts predict a year of continued high demand and rising home prices. Even after an unpredictable year, it seems people are still interested in buying. Take advantage of this wave and consider selling your house in early 2022 as there are plenty of benefits to selling your home in the new year. Continue reading and learn more about selling this winter and spring.

4 Reasons to List Your Home This Winter

Make Your Listing Stand-out Better

If you live in a place where home prices are climbing fast and bidding wars are common, homes are likely to see plenty of activity. But it is true that fewer people tend to list their homes during the winter months. This means that you may be the only home selling in your neighborhood, allowing your house to stand out on the market.

Attract Motivated Buyers

Another great advantage to selling during the winter is that potential buyers tend to be more motivated. The holidays and New Year keep most people busy and focused on other things. People who inquire about buying your house are more serious because they’re taking the time out of these busy months to find their future home. You can expect a higher chance of finding a legitimate buyer if you sell during the winter.

Take Advantage of the New Year Transitional Time

Buyers tend to be more serious around the holidays and at the start of the new year because of job changes. January is a month with many job transfers, so people may be looking to move for new work opportunities that arise. Someone moving out of the city who is ready for remote work is another potential buyer you might encounter. Some may even make it a New Year’s resolution to sell their house in 2022 and find a new home elsewhere.

Have Fun Staging Your Home for Winter

Homes can still show beautifully in the winter! Deck your halls for potential buyers and impress them with your winter lights. Showing your home in the winter can provide a picturesque experience for the next homeowner, giving them a look at how beautiful and festive the house can be. Plus, staging a house in the winter is easier than you think! By creating a cozy vibe and adding subtle touches, you can transform your house into the next great home for someone else.

Why Choose Crawford Lorenzo

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