The Best Hiking Trails in New Jersey
The Best Hiking Trails in New Jersey

The Best Hiking Trails in New Jersey

The Best Hiking Trails in New Jersey 1090 731 Crawford Lorenzo Home Selling Team

Finding the Best Hiking Trails in New Jersey

If you’re looking for the best hiking trails in New Jersey, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hiker, there’s a trail for you in this list.

Hiking is a fantastic way to experience the outdoors, stay in good health, and enjoy the nature of New Jersey. The best way to find the top hiking paths are through social media, local websites, and by asking hiking communities. Many can be found on Reddit or Facebook, possibly even

Spanning over 2-million acres of forest land and 83 tree species, NJ is really a gigantic woodland. You can always find a new trail to travel, either by bike, foot, or both! The versatility of New Jersey’s many hiking spots, and their ability to handle influxes of people, make them perfect spots to take the family.

Top Hiking Spots in New Jersey

Consider visiting some of these locations and don’t forget your hiking boots!

Top Spot #1: Mount Tammany, NJ

More than three miles of rocky, steep, and picturesque trails overlook the Delaware Water Gap. One of the best places to go hiking in New Jersey is at the Delaware Water Gap. The trails are in Worthington State Forest and some areas are protected by the National Park Service. Be sure to park at Dunnfield Creek parking area or Kittatinny Point Visitor Center.

Top Spot #2: The Giant Stairs – Jersey Palisades, NJ

The Giant Stairs are an extensive collection of giant boulders. It’s incredibly steep with serious cliff drop-offs, so do not bring a pet or kids. It is strongly encouraged not to visit when it’s icy or wet. The best part of this spot is the beautiful view of the city skyline from the Shore Trail. It’s always a fun hike to climb these rocks and it feels extremely rewarding after every trek.

Top Spot #3: Buttermilk Falls – Sussex County, NJ

Off Crater Lake and Hemlock Pond is Buttermilk Falls. This 7.2-mile trail offers trekking poles to help in some steep rocky areas. Buttermilk Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in NJ, so checking it out is worth the trip. The waterfall is visible from the parking lot, so this area can get a bit crowded. We suggest hiking the trail to get away from the crowd.

Top Spot #4: Cheesequake State Park – Matawan, NJ

More than just an interesting name, Cheesequake State Park is home to one of New Jersey’s most beautiful views. Hikers will get to experience a beautiful trip through scenic woods and wetlands. There several paths for all hiking levels and dogs are allowed. With a large picnic area, stopping by Cheesequake could be a great idea to mix up your usual lunch spot.

Move to NJ with Crawford Lorenzo

When you move to New Jersey, there’s so many interesting things to do. You can always find a new hiking trail to explore and enjoy. You can even join some prevalent hiking groups and make friends along the way. Many of these hikes have incredible views of New Jersey and are fully worth the adventure. Consider stopping at any of the trails we listed and let us know if you found any other fun hiking locations! Contact Crawford Lorenzo to find a NJ home near a hiking trail.